Indigo Hues Designs is the premier floral styling company in South Florida.  As a Hotel Florist, we work closely with our hospitality clients to offer high quality customized arrangements, monthly floral service and plant styling. Based on your styling requirements, our monthly floral service will keep fresh flowers and plants in all areas. We will replace florals on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis to maintain high quality and maximum beauty. Our main creative approach is to highlight the spaces our arrangements occupy and compliment the collections and design elements in each area.  We create unique arrangements that will delight residents, guests and visitors alike.  We strive to go above and beyond to keep your property exciting and your tenants happy.  


Floral & Plant Styling Services

   Front desk arrangement

Lobby floral compositions 

Interior plantscaping

Plant maintenance

Holiday Decor

Meeting rooms & Conference rooms

Monthly plant programs

Monthly orchid programs

Weekly floral programs

Concierge floral orders

Customize gift baskets

Living Green wall

Large orchid & floral displays